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Prof. Jianguo Ma, Zhejiang Lab, China (IEEE Fellow)

Experience: Jianguo Ma received the doctoral degree in engineering in 1996 from Duisburg University, Duisburg, Germany. He was a faculty member of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore from Sept 1997 to Dec. 2005 after his post-doctoral fellowship with Dalhousie University of Canada in Apr 1996 – Sept 1997. He was with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Jan 2006 – Oct 2009 and he served as the Dean for the School of Electronic Information Engineering and the founding director of the Qingdao Institute of Oceanic Engineering of Tianjin University in Oct. 2009 – Aug 2016; he joined Guangdong University of Technology as a distinguished professor in Sept 2016 – Aug 2021.  Dr. Ma served as the Vice Dean for the School of Micro-Nano Electronics of Zhejiang University in Sept, 2021 – Oct 2022, Starting from 1 Nov 2022 he joins the Zhejiang Lab. His research interests are: Microwave Electronics; RFIC Applications to Wireless Infrastructures; Microwave and THz Microelectronic Systems; 

He served as the Associate Editor for IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters in 2003 –2005; He was the member for IEEE University Program ad hoc Committee (2011~2013).

Dr. Ma was the Member of the Editorial Board for Proceedings of IEEE in 2013-2018

He is Fellow of IEEE for the Leadership in Microwave Electronics and RFICs Applications

Dr. Ma was serving as the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques in 2020 –2022.

Jun Yang.jpg

Prof. Jun Yang, Loughborough University, UK (IEEE/IET/AAIA Fellow)


Prof. Zhibo Pang, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, UK (H-index 46)

Experience: Prof. Zhibo Pang (M’13, SM’15) received MBA in Innovation and Growth from University of Turku in 2012 and PhD in Electronic and Computer Systems from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2013. He is Senior Principal Scientist at ABB Corporate Research Sweden and Adjunct Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and was Adjunct Professor at University of Sydney. He is a Member of IEEE IES Industry Activities Committee, Steering Committee Member of IEEE IoT Technical Community, Vice-Chair of IEEE TC on Cloud and Wireless Systems for Industrial Applications, and Co-Chair of IEEE TC on Industrial Informatics. He is Associate Editor of IEEE TII, IEEE JBHI, IEEE JESTIE and IEEE IoTM. He was awarded “Inventor of the Year Award” by ABB Corporate Research Sweden, three times in 2016, 2018, and 2021 respectively. He works on embodied intelligence, robotics, control, computing, communication, and electronics for Industry 4.0 and Healthcare 4.0. He has many productized research results and 22 granted patents in US, Europe, or Japan. 22 granted patents in US/EU/JP, 120+ journal papers, 60+ conference papers, 40+ invited talks, 2 edited proceedings, Google Scholar citation 8700+, h-index 46.


Prof. Datuk Dr Harith Ahmad, University of Malaya, Malaysia (Fellow of Akademi Sains Malaysia)

Experience: Professor Datuk Dr Harith Ahmad FASc obtained his in BSc in Physics with First Class Honours from the University of Malaya in 1979. Subsequently, he obtained his MSc from the University of Wales in 1980, followed by his PhD in 1983 from the same institution. Upon returning to Malaysia in 1983, he became a member of the academic staff of UM, and since then has led the university’s research into the area of photonics. He is currently a Distinguished Professor, and is also the director of the Photonics Research Centre of the University of Malaya, a Higher Education Centre of Excellence (HiCoE) under the purview of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia (MOE). His substantial contributions in the area of photonics has been acknowledged with multiple awards and recognitions, including as a Fellow of Akademi Sains Malaysia and recipient of the Malaysia-Toray Science Foundation Award, Merdeka Award for Scholastic Achievement and ASEAN Outstanding Scientist and Technology Award. He is very active as both a researcher and an academician, with numerous ISI ranked research publications to his name, as well as supervising numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students in photonics.

Title:The use of optical fiber waveguides as a mean of detecting soil movement in landslide monitoring

Abstract: The conventional approach to landslide monitoring typically relies on electrical-based systems, which have several limitations. In this keynote address, the present electrical-based approach for landslide monitoring will be discussed, highlighting its drawbacks. As a promising alternative, the use of optical fiber waveguides will be presented as a mean of detecting soil movements. An overview will be provided on the inscription of fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) onto the optical waveguide. FBGs are highly sensitive to strain and temperature changes, making them ideal for monitoring soil movements. The FBGs will be integrated into an optical fiber system with 3D-printed designs specifically tailored for landslide monitoring applications. Furthermore, the keynote will highlight an experimental demonstration of field testing conducted at a high-risk slope site in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, where landslides frequently occur. The keynote will also discuss the development of a remote sensing prototype, which enables real-time monitoring and data acquisition from the optical fiber sensors deployed at the landslide-prone site. The actual prototype and its capabilities will be showcased, emphasizing the potential for widespread adoption of this technology in landslide monitoring and early warning systems.


Prof. Shenghuang  Lin, Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, China

林生晃 教授,松山湖实验室