2024 3rd International Symposium on Semiconductor and Electronic Technology(ISSET 2024)
Prof. Jiangzhao Chen, Chongqing University,China was invited as the Conference General Chair of ISSET 2022!



Prof. Jiangzhao Chen,  Chongqing University,China

Jiangzhao Chen is currently a professor at College of Optoelectronic Engineering in Chongqing University. He is a member of the “100 People Plan” of Chongqing University.He has long been engaged in the research of new thin film solar cells. Focusing on the key technical indicators of power conversion efficiency, stability, cost and other key scientific and technical issues faced by new thin film solar cells, the devices are systematically studied and explored from the aspects of material design and synthesis, device preparation and performance optimization, fine regulation of semiconductor physical properties, solvent engineering, additive engineering, interface engineering, mechanism analysis, etc. A series of technical bottlenecks faced by the commercial application of such solar cells have been broken through and a series of innovative and important research results have been achieved. Up to now, he has published 54 SCI academic papers in international well-known journals such as Science and Advanced Materials, which have been cited for more than 5000 times. H index is 23. 5 invention patents have been applied. He presided over or participated in the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chongqing Natural Science Foundation of China, Korea National Research Foundation, Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities, Overseas Returnees Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Plan, Chongqing University hundred Talents Plan research start-up fund and horizontal fund. He has made 10 invited reports in important academic conferences at home and abroad, such as China Materials Conference. As the chairman/co-chairman of the sub-conference, he successfully held the "National Conference on Energy Materials and Devices", "the third International Conference on Clean Energy Materials and Technology", "the third Western Conference on Materials" and other international and domestic academic conferences. He is a long-time reviewer of more than 20 international famous journals, mainly including Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Advanced Energy Materials, ACS Energy Letters, Advanced Functional Materials, etc. He currently serves on the editorial board of Science Frontiers and Chemistry and Chemical Research journals, guest editor of Materials Reports: Energy journal, standing member of expert Committee on Energy Materials and Devices, and project evaluation and consulting expert of Science and Technology Innovation Alliance of Chengdu and Chongqing Twin Cities Economic Circle. He is a member of China Energy Research Society.

陈江照,重庆大学研究员,博士生导师,重庆大学“****”入选者。2016年6月在华中科技大学武汉光电国家研究中心韩宏伟教授课题组获得工学博士学位;2016年8月至2019年2月于韩国成均馆大学化学与工程学院从事博士后研究,合作导师为全固态钙钛矿太阳能电池创始人Nam-Gyu Park教授;2019年3月至2019年11月于香港大学电子与电器工程学院从事博士后研究,合作导师为Wallace C. H. Choy教授。长期从事新型薄膜太阳能电池研究,面向国家对廉价清洁可再生能源的重大需求,服务于国家“碳达峰”与“碳中和”重大战略目标,围绕新型薄膜太阳能电池的功率转换效率、稳定性、成本等核心关键技术指标,针对核心关键科学问题,从材料设计与合成、组分与溶剂工程、添加剂工程、界面工程等方面开展了系统深入的研究,突破了此类电池商业化应用所面临的一系列技术瓶颈,取得了一系列创新性研究成果。迄今为止,在Science、Advanced Materials等国际权威学术期刊上发表SCI论文54篇,SCI总引用5000余次,H因子为23。其中,以第一、共同第一或通讯作者发表SCI论文42篇,包括Advanced Materials(4篇)、Advanced Energy Materials(3篇)、Advanced Functional Materials(1篇)、ACS Energy Letters(3篇)、Nano Energy(1篇)等,8篇入选ESI高被引论文,3篇入选ESI热点论文,单篇论文最高引用超过290次,8篇论文单篇引用超过100次。申请发明专利5项。主持或参与国家自然科学基金、重庆市自然科学基金面上项目、韩国国家研究基金、中央高校基本科研业务费、留学人员回国创业创新支持计划项目(优秀资助)、重庆大学****科研启动经费及横向经费多项。在相关领域国内外重要学术会议作邀请报告10余次。3次受邀请担任国际/国内学术会议分会场主席。长期担任Advanced Materials、Angewandte Chemie International Edition等20余本国际知名学术期刊的审稿人。担任Science Frontiers和化学与化工研究期刊的编委、Materials Reports: Energy期刊的客座编辑、能源材料与器件专家委员会常务委员、成渝地区双城经济圈科技创新联盟项目评估咨询专家等。中国能源研究会会员。