2023 2nd International Symposium on Semiconductor and Electronic Technology(ISSET 2023)

Prof. Wenming Wu, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences was Invited as the Technical Program Committee Chair of ISSET 2022


Prof. Wenming Wu, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Wenming Wu is presently a Professor, Doctoral supervisor, Deputy director of National Medical Device Engineering technology Research Center,and as well Director of Medical Engineering Laboratory, Guangdong Academy of Sciences. Mainly engaged in the multidisciplinary research of high-end medical equipment such as optical, electrical, computing, information, biological, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical research, Professor Wu has undertaken about 20 scientific research projects (the total of more than 80 million yuan) as the project/subject leader. During the last year, he led the team to develop successfully 8 nucleic acid detection prototypes, which were clinically verified by P3 Biosafety experiments in “AAA-level” hospitals. In 2022, the gold standard PCR system of "one minute sampling and 10 minutes results" was successfully developed by him. He has published more than 100 academic papers and patents in the field of instrument engineering and technology, including about 90 SCI papers signed by the first corresponding author and the first inventor patents (nearly 20 authorized uniquely/first patent Inventor). Including the leading edge of the Nobel  Forum, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the 《Technology Review》of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA ,University of Oxford, Saarland University, Royal Society of Chemistry, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 100 media have made special reports on professor Wu's research in the field of opto-mechatronics instrument development with different topics.

吴文明,教授,博导,研究员(正高二级),现任国家医疗器具工程技术研究中心副主任,兼任广东省科学院医学工程研究室主任。主要从事光机电算信芯生医化药等多学科交叉的高端医疗装备研究: 作为项目/课题负责人共承担约20项科研项目(总经费额8000余万);最近一年率领团队研发成功8款核酸检测样机,获得三级医院P3生物安全实验室临床验证成功,2022年研发成功“一分钟采样,十分钟出结果"的疫情快速监测“金标准PCR技术”;在光机电一体化“仪器工程与技术领域”发表论文与专利一百余篇,其中第一通讯作者署名SCI论文以及第一发明人专利约90篇(授权唯一/第一发明人专利近20项);瑞典皇家科学院诺贝尔前沿论坛,美国麻省理工大学《Technology Review》,英国牛津大学,德国Universität des Saarlandes, Royal Society of Chemistry,韩国科学技术院,中国科学报,中国科学院等百余家媒体,以不同专题对吴文明教授在光机电一体化仪器开发领域研究进行了专题报道。